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ROCK HARD ITALY - Édition Avril 2023 - page 144

"Rock Hard IT. a réservé une page entière à Antoine Bocquier, rubrique 'Les 10 Commandements' en lui demandant de choisir 10 albums qui ont eu une influence déterminante sur lui et pourquoi."


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Depuis Nov. 2022 Cahuenga mène une campagne publicitaire sur Rock Hard Italy pour HEART LINE à raison d'une 1/2 page mensuelle pendant 1 an.

HEART LINE publicité 1/2 page dans Rock Hard Italy édition magazine mars 2023


DEEP PURPLE – In Rock 1970
This album instantly sounded like a revelation, stunning musicianship and performances in many ways, years ahead from the gentle stuff that I had been listening to before. Definitely a pioneer album and still impressive even today, the one of my favorite band’s line-up too. Feeling so privileged being 50 years later the booking agent of Mr. Ian Paice on tour with Purpendicular!

THE ROLLING STONES – Exile on Main Street 1972
My favorite album of the Rolling Stones, period. A monument with a unique spirit and one of their best creative achievements. I recall I was in high school and couldn’t afford a headphone. I would spend hours and hours listening loud to that same album again and again having my head stuck in between the 2 speakers of the only vinyl turntable available that we had! 

I still believe that my search for the American dream comes from their strong influence. With ‘So Far’ certified 6 times platinum CSN&Y showed they were an outstanding band mixing gorgeous music influences and outrageously good harmonies. Songs were all about America and its contradictions between war, love and peace. ‘Ohio’ is one of my favorite songs.

JEFF BECK – Blow By Blow 1975
This one helped me to cope with the military service that I was doing at the time. There are only few albums I have been listening to over and over again and here is one, very inventive from all points of view. I instantly became a huge fan of Max Middleton’s work on the Fender Rhodes and from then tried to figure how the hell I could one day be as good as he was!

JEFF BECK – With The Jan Hammer Group Live 1977
For the young keyboardist that I was, this one still sounds today a founding album showing that keyboards would not be that psychorigid stuff aside on a stage anymore. Love the fusion work between Jeff Beck’s guitar and Jam Hammer’s synthesizers, both my heroes.

AC-DC – Highway To Hell 1979
For every good rock musician when it came out that album sounded one would have light years of work before being able to reach same result. I don’t know what I prefer the most, whether it’s the guitar work or what, but still feel it’s Bon Scott’s unique and malicious voice timber. 

FOREIGNER – 4 1981
A music model to follow with outstanding keyboards, guitars and singing all through. Very inspirational also very American in the end despite the English members. Lou Gramm’s voice breathes a true personality to this album that still remains a masterpiece in its genre. 

DONALD FAGEN – The Nightfly 1982
The master piece of an esthete in many regards. I have been listening to it and again as I was the happy owner of a Ford 17M at that time. The car had an inbuilt audio tape reader available and I recall I could ride hours pretending I was an American. Guess that it will seem a bit distant from Rock Hards readers’ interest, but that album especially sounds to me as the quest of perfection.

CREAM – Live in San Diego 1968 (2019 release)
Powerful, awesomely rock and brutal by its efficiency coming from an only music trio. One of the most outstanding acts of all time that was initially recorded for FM broadcast. I can’t believe these guys were so good in 1968 and so precursors. I am so amazed by Jack Bruce’s singing along his powerful bass playing. 

HEART LINE – Back In The Game 2021
No secret for anyone aware and the fruit of an unexpected encounter between Yvan Guillevic and I. This album changed my life in many ways that I couldn’t expect. I should be retired now! But life has secrets in store for you always, so never say never. Promoting Heart Line helps me feeling younger. So proud supporting such a treasure of musicality and a visionary man in his dreams. 

Page 144 - Rock hard Italy - Édition avril 2023

Les 10 Commandements par Antoine Bocquier, 10 albums  importants, 1 page dans Rock Hard Iatly
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